Armageddon On Your Mind
Sung to the tune of
“Heaven On Their Minds” from “Jesus Christ Superstar”
Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber    Original Lyrics by Tim Rice

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Your goal is clearer now
Each day more agree
You are trying to start World War III
If you get away with your fascist plan
Then you will surely get millions killed

How could you have your job and still not have a clue?
Do you really believe that God would talk to you?
We all will have to pay for your infernal sins
You can’t stop the apocalypse after it begins

Sorry, Dubya, but you must be insane
You’re leading America down the drain
But you’ve managed
To fool your right-wing base since you began

You might set the world on fire
But you still won’t be the Messiah
And you’re not even much of a man

Groups supporting you get truckloads of cash
While our brave troops built their armor from trash
Was it worth it to waste so many of their precious lives?
But every speech you stumble through
And all the crap you swear is true
Shows you can’t do anything but lie


George and Barbara’s eldest boy
Likes to find things to destroy
Undermine C.I.A. spies
Pollute the skies
Wiretap, wreck Medicare
Tax breaks for each millionaire
Choose to start a bogus war
And drown the poor


Hey, Decider, what if you decide wrong
Exactly as you have done all along?
We are horrified
At all the devastation you have wrought
Our warming world can see
You are the Dubya MD
Did you really want bin Laden caught ?
Was he ever sought?

Thanks to you our nation has been disgraced
You’re the worst threat that we ever have faced
So it’s good to see your ratings dwindling with every hour
Could you really be so blind?
Armageddon on your mind
Look what goes wrong when the right’s in power
And they’ll lose that power

We intend to take America back
Before you let in another attack
Dubya, Dubya, can’t you think for a change
If we care for our children, there must be a change
We all need to vote for a change