(in randomly alphabetical order)





Ritt Henn
If you saw Ritt's clips on the Videos page (& even if you didn't) you should swing by his website.

Brian Gari
Singer/songwriter Brian Gari has written over 800 songs in over 30 years of songwriting.

Jonathan Coulton

Code Monkey and lots of other songs you probably should hear.

Nellie McKay
We recommend this unique singer/songwriter.

An amazing site, Pandora learns what kind of music you like & introduces you to new artists.

Tiny Tim
The official website remembering the late one-of-a-kind performer.

The Barnkickers
This great father/daughter duo are YouTube favorites.

Tin Foil
Dedicated to the preservation of early recorded sounds.

Cylinder Preservation & Digitization Project
Cylinder Preservation & Digitization Project, University of California, Santa Barbara.


Tom And Sam Are Stuck
A man & his nephew from the year 2346 were on their way to the 1970s when their time machine broke down, stranding them in the present.
A comedy web series created by & starring Tom Saunders & Sam Laybourne, writer/producers of Arrested Development.

Story Salon
Southern California's longest running, regularly performing live storytelling ensemble (& podcast).

Handwritten Theatre
Brief dramatic pieces originally composed in a small black notebook with a fountain pen by Joseph Dougherty.

Real Live Talking Cat
Chessie is a highly intelligent cat that can truly talk. She's also rude.
Click above to visit Chessie's website or watch chapters of Real Live Talking Cat on YouTube.


Dom Irrera
Dom has one of the most natural styles in all of stand-up comedy & can make almost any crowd laugh till it hurts.
Dom's first stand-up comedy DVD, Dom Irrera: Is This Thing On? is available now at Amazon.

Where Hot Comes To Die
Comedian Suzy Soro dissects Hollywood, her show business career and all the miserable people she knows.

John Bizarre
Info and writing from the director of the documentary about comedians entertaining the troops in Iraq,
We Love You, Mrs. Bevins.

Elayne Boosler
One of the great comedians & writers of our time.  Also visit the website of Elayne's animal rescue organization,
Tails Of Joy.

Emo Phillips
There's no one quite like Emo, which is probably just how it should be.

Hiram Kasten
An actor & legend of the stand-up comedy world seen on hundreds of TV shows & thousands of stages.




Fact Check
Even Dick the Veep recommended this very valuable nonpartisan site during his 2004 VP Debate lie-fest
(although Dickie said .com instead of .org).

Don't believe everything you get on-line. Check all rumors before forwarding them. is an excellent place to start.

Media Matters For America
Want the truth? Find it here. O'Reilly calls a smear site because
it simply documents his lies & the lies of many others.
Brought to you by David Brock, former operative of the right who has seen the light.

Richard Clarke Memo
PLEASE DOWNLOAD, READ & FORWARD this declassified memo

dated January 25, 2001 from Richard Clarke, former head of counterterrorism at the National Security Council, to
then-National Security Advisior Condoleezza Rice on the terrorist threat to America. Ms. Rice has repeatedly denied
that the prior administration presented the incoming administration with a "comprehensive strategy" against al-Qaeda.
Here's proof that she's, make's proof that she's usual.
Right-click here to download the document in PDF format.
Right-click here to download a PDF of the attached document Clarke also sent
outlining a "comprehensive stragegy" against al-Qaeda.

After Downing Street
Every American patriot & friend of America needs to READ, DOWNLOAD & FORWARD these infamous memos.
Click on the Downing Street Documents link or click here to go directly to the documents.

Project For A New American Century
A MUST READ. Perhaps the most treasonous neo-con organization of them all.
Read & look at who signed their terrifying Statement of Principles & letters to Presidents Clinton & Bush.
Amazing, isn't it, how closely the Bush administration followed their deadly suggestions?


If the above link doesn't work, here are some PNAC pages from archive websites (active as of this posting date).
CLICK HERE for the archived PNAC homepage.
TRY HERE for the PNAC Statement of Principles or HERE for the text.
AND HERE for a page of letters including letters to CLINTON & BUSH on Iraq & "The War On Terrorism."
Click here for the text of the LETTER TO CLINTON & the LETTER TO BUSH.

The Stephanie Miller Show
We recommend Steph, Jim & Chris for three hours of great radio every weekday morning (or 24/7 via the podcast).
For our Senator Larry Craig audio clip that Steph played on her show,
click here (or right-click to download).
For just the clip,
click here (or right-click to download).
Sure it's a bit juvenile, but at least we're not bigoted, self-hating hypocrites.

The Randi Rhodes Show
Once you hear the amazing Randi, everything changes.

Harry Shearer
There's Spinal Tap & The Simpsons, but Harry's also been bringing us Le Show for over 20 years.

Mike Malloy
A traditional Democrat working to return the Democratic Party to its historic liberal roots.

Senator Al Franken
Desite what the lying liars say, Al tells you the verifiable truth & nothing but the truth.

Operation Helmet
A nonpartisan, charitable grassroots effort providing helmet upgrade kits to
U.S. troops in Iraq, Afghanistan and to those deploying in the near future.

Keeping eyes on the lies.

The Huffington Post
A vast resource for news, opinion, blogs & more.

Greg Palast
Information offen sees the light of day here first. If you want the truth, go see Greg.

Gold Star Families For Peace
They all make us proud to be American.

Peace Takes Courage
This would be a better world if everyone was as patriotic as young Ava Lowery of Alabama.

Crooks & Liars

Audio & video clips, satirical slants & hard news on politics & entertainment.

Slate Magazine
Current events, news, politics, culture.

Truth Out
Knowledge that every truly informed person needs.

Bush Lies
Yes, we're actually recommending a Fox "News" Channel contributor.
Read David Corn of The Nation, America's oldest political weekly.

Dubya don't talk so good on these mp3s.

Bush Terror Quotes
More not so good talking from W.

Talking Points Memo
One of the best sites around for info & opinion.

The Daily Kos
Don't forget to visit for info & opinion.

Democratic Underground
Opinion, journals & discussion.

The World Can't Wait
Non-partisan site dedictated to speaking the truth & acting with urgency.

Wayne Madsen Report
Former Naval officer & computer security/data privacy authority, Wayne Madsen covers
Washington, politics, national security & intelligence.

Comedy USA
News, political comedy & commentary from political comedian & talk radio host Barry Weintraub.

Humor In The News
Chris Pina & Rick Overton bring you a bitingly satirical look at today's news
through photo captions, video, cartoons & more.

Open Secrets
Follow the money.

Halliburton Watch
We repeat, follow the money.

Clinton Curtis Testimony
Computer programmer Curtis testifies that he was hired to write a program to flip election results.

David Sirota
The author & political strategist.

Hannity Is A Moron
Yes, he is.

Sean Hannity Evil Doer
He's that too.

National & Homeland Security Presidential Directives
From the Bush White House website, "this directive establishes a comprehensive national policy on the
continuity of Federal Government structures and operations and a single National Continuity Coordinator
responsible for coordinating the development and implementation of Federal continuity policies."
Essentially, in the case of "any incident, regardless of location, that results in extraordinary levels of mass
casualties, damage, or disruption severely affecting the U.S. population, infrastructure, environment, economy,
or government functions," the President becomes the law, the unitary executive, the emperor.  Scary?  Very.
Here's a C-SPAN analysis on YouTube.

Was The 2004 Election Stolen?

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s brilliant & extensively source-referenced article from Rolling Stone magazine
(as of our latest update, the original article is no longer be posted on the Rolling Stone site).
"Republicans prevented more than 350,000 voters in Ohio from casting ballots or having
their votes counted -- enough to have put John Kerry in the White House."

Was The 2004 Election Stolen?

The Meatrix
Informative, revolting & entertaining.



Gas Buddy
Track gas prices & find the "bargins" in your area.

Wild RC
One of our favorite R/C airplanes.

Electric RC Flight Innovations from Acesim
Great American-made R/C planes.